Courses may be delayed/postponed by NL First Aid if affected by Inclement Weather, i.e. snowstorms. As a general rule, if public transport is running this is used as an indicator of acceptable road conditions in the vicinity of the main training facility and courses will likely go ahead. However, other safety factors such as parking lot/sidewalk clearing, strong winds, will also be considered. If a course is delayed/postponed this page will be updated to show details and students who have pre-registered their contact information will also be notified by email or text message.

Courses with a delayed start due to inclement weather may run past the scheduled end time. Efforts will be made to reduce the impact of revised timings by condensing breaks, etc but participants should be prepared for this eventuality and expect to finish later.

If a course is going ahead, individuals booked to participate are responsible for arriving on time. During periods when inclement weather is likely, participants are strongly advised to plan driveway clearing, longer travel times, child care needs, walking distance to/from bus stops, etc around forecast weather in order to arrive for a course punctually. If a program has already commenced with one or more participants and others have not arrived on time, only verifiable* weather and/or road conditions adversely affecting travel from a participant’s location will be accepted as reasons for rescheduling - so long as contact is made with the instructor(s) prior to course commencement**. Reasons such as uncleared private driveways, school snow days, late taxi/bus, etc will not be accepted as eligibility for rescheduling if a course has already started on time with other persons.

Notwithstanding the above, safety is of the utmost importance and individuals should consider this before making any journey in inclement weather conditions.

If a program is already underway when affected by weather, new arrangements will be discussed with participants prior to dispersal.

*Verifiable: for example written confirmation from city/town/community works department that particular streets/routes were not cleared of snow in time for a participant to depart a location and reach the training facility punctually.

**Instructor Contact: 709 727-4120 or