Booking & Training


IMPORTANT INFORMATION. By booking a program or service with NL First Aid, including online or via an authorized affiliate, customers acknowledge that they have read, fully understood and agree to comply with NL First Aid's Booking & Cancellation Policy.

CUSTOMER / REGISTERED PARTICIPANT. For the purposes of this policy, a Customer is the person (or Company) making a booking for a program or service for themselves and/or others and a Registered Participant is a person booked to take part in a program or to receive a service. A person may be both the Customer and the Registered Participant.

‘TO BE CONFIRMED’ (TBC) PARTICIPANT NAMES AND NAME CHANGES. Customers may book programs with participants’ names ‘To Be Confirmed’ (TBC) at any point up to the scheduled start time. Unless previously agreed in writing with NL First Aid, a TBC booking is considered a full booking for billing, cancellation, rescheduling and ‘no-show’ purposes. A customer may change any participant registered by them on a program up to the scheduled start time without penalty as follows:

  • Exchange 1 for 1 between programs (= swap around).

  • Replace with someone not already registered for the same program on another date.

PAYMENT / BILLING. Programs and services must be paid for in full at the time of booking unless previously agreed to in writing by NL First Aid – i.e. for company PO, Invoicing. Issue of a PO or agreement in writing regarding invoicing is considered a full booking for billing, cancellation, rescheduling and ‘no-show’ purposes.



Calendar Days Ahead of Program Cancelled Rescheduled

7 days or More 95% Refund 100% Payment Transfer

3-6 days 50% Refund 75% Payment Transfer

1-2 days No Refund 50% Payment Transfer

0 days – i.e. ‘No-Show’ or cancel on day No Refund No Payment Transfer

Unless previously agreed with NL First Aid, rescheduled programs must be completed within 30 days of the original date(s) or payments will become non-refundable/non-transferable. If alternative dates are not available, rescheduling will be extended to the closest available program after 30 days. Transferred payments are for rescheduled programs only and may not be used towards any other program already booked.

  • BY NL FIRST AID. If a program is cancelled by NL First Aid for reasons other than circumstances beyond its control, customers are eligible for 100% refund or 100% payment transfer. NL First Aid will not reimburse customers for any other expenses they incur.

  • DUE TO COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL OR EMERGENCY PROTOCOLS. If a program is cancelled due to the COVID-19 Alert Level or Emergency Protocols (i.e. if someone becomes symptomatic or is informed they have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19), customers will have the option of rescheduling to any program within 90 days of training recommencement or being cleared to continue.

  • DELAY, POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATION DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND THE CONTROL OF NL FIRST AID (NON COVID-19 RELATED). Customers of programs delayed, postponed or cancelled due to circumstances which are beyond the control of NL First Aid, i.e. inclement weather, are not eligible for a payment refund but may reschedule to an alternate program within 90 days.

  • DUE TO MEDICAL REASONS. If a customer (or person registered by them) cannot attend a program due to Medical Reasons, they may reschedule to an alternate program within 90 days without penalty by providing NL First Aid with a verifiable physician’s certificate within 7 calendar days of the program starting date, specifying the program name, date(s) and stating that the registered participant should not, or was unable to, take part due to medical reasons (details of the medical condition are not required). This includes anyone who chooses not to begin the program ‘on the day’ due to medical concerns after arrival at the training facility and before program commencement.

Rescheduling without penalty is not offered for participants who sign the program Release & Waiver stating they have no medical or health related concerns about participation and later in the program declare a pre-existing condition which prevents them from, or may be aggravated by, continuing with one or more portions of the program.

  • DUE TO 'NO SHOW'. If a registered participant (including a TBC booking) does not turn up for training at the scheduled start time for a program, it is deemed ‘No-Show’ which is considered to be a cancellation of the program (or remainder of) and applies to the following:

  • a registered participant who fails to arrive for training (or to return from a break) on any day of a program

  • a registered participant who arrives for training later than the scheduled start time (or is late returning from a break) on any day of a program, without prior notification, when training has already started.

If a program is underway, latecomers may be permitted to participate at the instructor’s discretion but only if doing so will not inconvenience or negatively affect the program for others, all required content can still be covered and minimum training times can be met. However, in consideration of other participants, more than 15 minutes late is too late and is considered a ‘No-Show’.