Booking & Training 




IMPORTANT INFORMATION. By booking a program or service with NL First Aid, including online or via an authorized affiliate, customers acknowledge that they have read, fully understood and agree to comply with NL First Aid's Booking & Cancellation Policy.


CUSTOMER / REGISTERED PARTICIPANT.  For the purposes of this policy, a Customer is the person (or Company) making a booking for a program or service for themselves and/or others and a Registered Participant is a person booked to take part in a program or to receive a service.  A person may be both the Customer and the Registered Participant. 


‘TO BE CONFIRMED’ (TBC) PARTICIPANT NAMES AND NAME CHANGES.  Customers may book programs with participants’ names ‘To Be Confirmed’ (TBC) at any point up to the scheduled start time.  Unless previously agreed in writing with NL First Aid, a TBC booking is considered a full booking for billing, cancellation, rescheduling and ‘no-show’ purposes.  A customer may change any participant registered by them on a program up to the scheduled start time without penalty.


PARTICIPANT DETAILS.  For registration with the Canadian Red Cross and/or WorkplaceNL or Transport Canada, the minimum participant details, required at the time of booking or prior to commencement of the program are as follows:





PAYMENT / BILLING.  Programs and services must be paid for in full to confirm a booking unless previously agreed to in writing by NL First Aid – i.e. booked by company Purchase Order (PO) for invoicing.   Issue of a PO or agreement in writing regarding invoicing is considered a full booking for billing, cancellation, rescheduling and ‘no-show’ purposes. 


BOOKING CANCELLATION:  Unless otherwise agreed to prior to booking or under a pre-existing client arrangement, the following applies to cancellation of a booking:

Rescheduling is not offered for participants who initially sign the program Release & Waiver prior to course commencement stating they have no medical or health related concerns about participation and later in the program declare a pre-existing condition which prevents them from, or may be aggravated by, continuing with one or more portions of the program.  Additionally, in such instances, no refund is offered and if the participant wishes to attend a later program, it must be re-booked.   

NON-COMPLETION OF BLENDED LEARNING ONLINE TRAINING.  Blended Learning courses require participants to complete a Knowledge Development program online prior to attending an in-class practical demonstration session.  Attending a practical demonstration session prior to completing online training is not permitted per program standards and is communicated to customers at the time of booking therefore non-completion of the online training is considered a cancellation by the customer and a re-booking is required to complete full training.   

Should a registered participant not show for a class already in progress or fail to return in time from a break without approval by prior notification or contact with the instructor, they will not be permitted to complete the training and if they wish to attend a later program, no refund or reschedule will be offered and it must be re-booked. 


Note:  Notwithstanding the above, NL First Aid understands that there may be circumstances such as heavy traffic, inclement weather, etc which may affect punctuality so if a program is underway, latecomers may be permitted to participate at the instructor’s discretion but only if doing so will not inconvenience or negatively affect the program for other participants, all required content can still be covered and minimum training times can be met.  In consideration of other participants who arrive on time for training, more than 15 minutes late for program start or 5 minutes late returning from a break is too late and is considered a ‘No-Show’.  The instructor’s decision is final in such circumstances. 


For security reasons during programs outside normal business hours – i.e. weekends and evenings at NL First Aid’s main training facility in the Relyon Nutec building, Mount Pearl, the doors will be locked 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.  Registered participants arriving later than this will be considered no-show and the instructor will not interrupt training for other participants to allow access for latecomers.    


CATCH-UP SESSIONS.  ‘Catch-Up’ sessions for participants who miss portions of training due to being late back from a break, etc may be arranged with the instructor but they are entirely at the discretion of the instructor and will incur a fee of $75 + HST for the first hour or part thereof (paid ‘up front’) and an additional $25 per subsequent half-hour or part thereof (paid prior to processing of certification).      


RESCHEDULING.  A booking may be rescheduled to another program/date (subject to availability) without penalty up to five (5) business days prior to course commencement.  Unless otherwise agreed to prior to booking or under a pre-existing client arrangement, a reschedule five (5) or less business days prior to course commencement will be charged as follows:


*For blended learning programs, rescheduling more than 6 weeks beyond completion of the online portion (4 weeks for Marine Basic First Aid) will require it to be completed again. 


RE-BOOKING FEE.  The re-booking fee for all courses, i.e. due to no-show, late arrival, etc is 75% of the original course fee, plus HST.   


EXPENSES.  If a customer is eligible for a refund or reschedule, NL First Aid will not reimburse customers for any expenses they may have incurred, such as travel or accommodation.


BUSINESS DAYS.  For the purposes of cancellation or rescheduling times above, Business Days are considered to be Monday to Friday, with the exception of statutory holidays.  Saturday, Sunday and any day Monday-Friday which is a statutory holiday are not considered business days, even if training programs are scheduled for those days.